Farm to Table

Pisces Rising buys local when and wherever possible. We enjoy working relationships with several farms and local farm distributors to source from the abundance of our Local Florida first before elsewhere. Whether it is Seafood such as wild-caught Grouper off the Coast or Farm-Raised Cedar Key Clams, or perhaps Florida raised Beef for our in-house ground Burgers, or Free-Range Chicken and Eggs from just up the street we believe in the power of buying local. Doing this increases integration of the links in the chain from Farm to Table. We get to actually work with the Farmers and provide input as to our Guests preferences of what produce to plant, and what breed of pork to work on for the next Season. We get to share your comments directly with the producers in the fields.

Meet the Farmers



Sugar Top Farms
Clermont, Florida

Sugar Top Farms is a small scale, organic farm, producing high quality produce to the local community in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Everything sold by Sugar Top Farms is grown on the farm. The farmers do not believe in reselling produce from distributors and instead focus on growing seasonally for the climate. Sugar Top Farms has a passion for local food and truly believe that buying local is healthier, cleaner, and safer for the consumer, the environment, and the farmer. The farm was purchased in 2014 and sits on 2.5 acres located on Sugarloaf Mountain in Clermont, FL. At 312 feet above sea level it is also the highest point on the geographic Florida Peninsula!

We use Sugar Top Farms for: Kale, Chard, Carrots, Beets, Zucchini, Squash, Radish



King Grove Organic Farm
Eustis, Florida

King Grove was originally established in 1874 by John King who moved from Buffalo, New York to central Florida with his young family.  They traveled by steamship to Savannah, Georgia and from there by horseback to the land that became their farm in Eustis.  John King built a house between two lakes and planted one of the first orange groves in Florida.  King Grove has continued to produce oranges and other citrus ever since.

The current owner is Hugh Kent, who is from one of the oldest farming families in New England.  Located in a pristine part of rural Lake County, surrounded by lakes and conservation land, King Grove is now a USDA Certified organic farm.  Along with 20 acres of blueberry fields and 20 acres of orange groves, the farm’s 150 acres include pine plantations, wildflower plantings, old growth woods and protected wetlands.  Hugh runs the farm and manages the property with his wife Lisa.

We use King Grove Organic Farm for: Blueberries



Mountain Trail Farm
Clermont, Florida

Mountain Trail Farms is located in Clermont and best known for their fresh eggs.
We use Mountain Trail Farm for: Eggs




Oak Haven Farms
Ocala, Florida

Oak Haven Farms is located on the gentle rolling hills of Sorrento in the Central Florida region. The Farm began as a 20-acre strawberry farm in 1996 with owners Harry and Karen Stauderman and daughter Lynn. Oak Haven Farms & Winery continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer. Their unique service has established a unique place in this industry.

We use Oak Haven Farms for: Strawberries, Blueberry Wine